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About Us

 An intelligent process control solution that is not just affordable and reliable, but also delivers the performance and production gains it promises.  To design, build, and implement such a system has been the quest of the controls engineering world for decades.

The persistent problem for engineers today is that current techniques and solutions bottleneck through the traditional PID algorithm, which has always been a constant compromise between system performance and system stability.  Its the narrow street that even Advanced Process Controls solutions can’t avoid.  

At Ai-OPs, we pursue dynamic activities in technology and production for the reconfiguration of the worlds automated control systems and have made this our life’s work!  We are a control systems hardware, software, and engineering services provider that is based in Mobile, Alabama and that has developed real Ai solutions for process controls.

Our solutions bring the ability for any control system to realize the promising results behind Reinforced Machine Learning (Ai) techniques allowing for increased production and performance to key income producing assets.

Our Products

Our products and solutions are designed and implemented so that the benefits of Ai can be managed by everyday controls engineers.  Our integration with existing systems promises minimal retraining of human operations personnel and procedures.  Gain from our experience and vision of process control technology.

AiOP, The Artificially Intelligent Operation ©

Efficiently control your process with the proprietary AiOP control mode that drives your control points directly from trained Ai models.  AiOP has been developed to also seamlessly link up with the PID algorithm for safe, reliable control.

The Ai-LCS Control Advisor ©

Our hardware solution allows the Ai-LCS Control Advisor, a redundant application, to sync up to any existing control system platform that utilizes OPC-UA, OPC-DA, or Modbus-TCP protocols.  LCS stands for Legacy Control System.

Plant Carbon Copy ©

Our proprietary machine learning training platform allows Ai-OPs to accurately, effectively, and safely train Ai models on its high fidelity simulation system.  Our environment accurately imitates your process by capturing all the nuances during the ML training process.  This highly optimized process for offline training can then deploy the Ai models to the live control system through the Ai-LCS hardware and software solution.  The Plant Carbon Copy (PlantCC) process KEEPS YOUR PROCESS SAFE! during the development and Factory Acceptance (FAT) phase.

Learn More with our Plant CC Online Training Simulation Platform

Use our Plant CC Online Training Platform.  This platform allows you to develop your own ML and RL training skills by utilizing real-world process simulations like the Boiler shown in the screen shots to the right.  This system keeps an exportable history log for each session to make training Ai models as easy as possible.  Upload those models to our Online Plant CC Training platform to test your skills today!


Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

Predictive models can make your system more intelligent, autonomous, and arm your manufacturing processes with a range of new dynamic capabilities. 


Power Generation

Increase operational efficiency and squeeze more from your investments. Data management paired with greater connectivity enables you to address challenges both large and small. 


Real time product quality prediction.  Predict the molecular constituents of your product in real time with the data you already own. No more cascade control modes.  No more overshoot. No more instability.

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